Full Service Dog Grooming

All grooming includes a therepeutic bath, hand blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, paw pads trimmed, sanitary trim and styling to breed/customer standard.

Spa Packages

Show Grooming

We groom and handle ALL breeds of dog.  We offer grooming for show including handscissoring and handstripping

Add a spa package to further pamper your best friend!

Comfort Spa - Comfort Bath (Oatmeal and Kiwi) with Nourish Conditioner and Comfort Aromatherepy (Calming Lavender and Oatmeal)

Renew Spa - Renew Bath (Coconut derived with Ginger and White Plum) with Nourish Conditioner, Facial and Renew Aromatherepy

Fresh Spa - Fresh Bath (cucumber, white tea and fresh vanilla) with Nourish Conditioner, Facial, Bubble Bath Pad and Paw Teatment and Fresh Aromatherepy

Extra Services

*Anal Glands                                          *Calming Lavender Bath     
*Deskunk                                               *Hypo Allergenic Bath
*Toothbrushing                                       *Medicated Bath
*Paw Butter                                            *Oatmeal Bath
*Nail Polish                                             *Tea Tree Bath
*Nail Filing                                             *Massage
*Nourish Conditioner                              *Facial
*Color Enhancing Shampoo                     *Hot Oil Treatment
*Fun Color/Stencil                                  
We carry a limited supply of treats and toys, leashes and collars, grooming supplies and Coats.  We sell a full line of John Paul products and other assorted shampoos.